Text Box: Do You Worry About Your Cash flow, 
VAT, Wages or Bookkeeping
Text Box: Are you a small business owner ?
Text Box: You may have a small business. and small businessís sometimes need the skills of more than just a bookkeeper. 
Experienced management account staff are expensive if you have them full time. Here at CD ACS we can provide that service tailored to your own needs and budget.
Text Box: Director : Christopher J. W. Davis
Phone: 01702 546570 
Mobile: 07740 090942
E-mail: admin@cdacs.co.uk
Registered in England  : 6974666
Registered Office :-
22, Albert Road, Ashingdon, Essex, SS4 3EZ.
Text Box: CD ACS 
More than just a bookkeeping service.
Text Box: What We Could Offer You
Text Box: Do your company needs pull you in different directions at the same time? 
CD ACS can take away the accountancy worries so you can concentrate on your core business. We can provide Accountancy Services including VAT, Wages, Bookkeeping, Cashflow and Monthly Management Accounts.
Text Box: Your Job is to make money.
Our job is to make it easier for you to do so.
To take away the worries of legal 
paperwork such as VAT & Wages.
To provide detailed information about your financial status so you can make intelligent business decisions for the future.
Ring now for an appointment to find out how we can help you.
Text Box: Cashflow Forecasting
As part of our service we can offer cashflow planning to enable your plans to grow without the pains. It will show the peaks and troughs of your cashflow so you can forward plan to deal with them before they create problems with your bank.
VAT accounting
We can prepare and internet file your VAT return.  The SAGE line 50 software we use has extensive VAT handling, reporting and can provide all the accountability paperwork to support your return.
Bookkeeping Service
Using SAGE line 50 accounting software we can prepare your accounts, providing any level of service, from monthly management accounts, to just standard yearly documents for giving to your audit & Tax accountants.
Wages Service
Using 12pay software we can provide a wages service to free you from this task.
Text Box: Who are CD ACS
I am Chris Davis (director of CD ACS), for 15 years prior to June 2011, I was employed by a local PLC where I was the Group  Accountant and Company Secretary, 
providing them with the full range of  accountancy services that they needed. 
Purchase and sales ledgers.
Monthly management accounts.
VAT reporting and filing.
Cashflow Forecasting
Bank Reconciliation
Company House filing
Text Box: Cashflow Forecasting can take the risk out of forward planning
Text Box: Our Bookkeeping Service uses an experienced accountant - not just a bookkeeper.